Terms of Service

Common Sense

Some of this app can be used for free and we like to keep it that way. We’re not asking you to defend us, only to please use the service responsibly.

It’s tempting to point the validator at a competitor or prospect’s website. But please try to refrain from using the validator on websites you do not represent. It will download every page on the target website, causing hardship for bandwidth-poor organizations. Too many complaints from webmasters and it will be over for us.

The validator will echo bits of the target website back on our screens. We are only parsing what is already there, and are not responsible for content on validated websites.

As with any service on the interwebs, downtime and interruptions will occur.


If you are a webmaster, you may block us by IP or by putting an entry into your robots.txt file. The robot’s name is ‘HTML.Validator.Pro’.


To use this service, you need to run a browser that supports Javascript and cookies. And even though we tried to make it as flexible as possible, this tool will not work on all browsers and all platforms. It is your responsibility to make sure the validator works for you before buying any service on this website


We keep it, never sharing your name, email, or class-D IP address. Things we may share are your username, websites you have run thru the validator, and dates and times of usage. That’s it; no “personally identifiable information”. Full privacy policy.