Managing Your Websites

We’ve organized the paid version of the validator around the concept of a website ‘Project‘.  You can have multiple projects and perform the validation on each of them independently and at will.

A list of your projects can be found on the Dashboard. If you have more projects than can be fit on this screen, you have the ability to archive and de-archive them as needed. Along with the listing, there is shown the last error count and links to download the validation reports. Clicking on the Starting URL will show you the validation run history.

Beside your Projects, the Dashboard also shows you the five most recent validation runs. This encapsulates not only Projects, but also Starting URLs you have validated on an ad-hoc basis.

Adding A New Project

To create a project, click the “Make Project” button underneath Recent Runs. That will create a Project from that Starting URL, thereby giving you a bookmark of sorts, with which you can refer back to that url. Either to fix mistakes or re-run the validation.


If you need to make room in your Dashboard, you can archive a project using the “Archive” button. That will put the Project into temporary storage until you need it again. Access the archive and use the “De-Archive” button to restore the project to the Dashboard.