HTML Validator Pro vs. W3C Validator

Why use our validator? Because it validates your entire website, not just one page of it. And that is the main difference between the tools put forth by standardizing bodies such as W3C and WHATWG and this.

Update Feb 13th, 2013: The W3C has a new service in beta called “W3C Validator Suite”. Similar to HTML Validator Pro and WDG Validator, it wraps up HTML, CSS, and Internationalization checks into a single run. Let’s see how they do…

The validation tools from those organizations accept a single url and return results for only that url. Those services are very utilitarian, narrow of purpose, but comprehensive in their results. Luckily for us, they are also discrete and pluggable to some extent that they may be integrated into things like HTML Validator Pro. If you are curious, we use the WHATWG’s engine to do our validation; it is the validator engine that the W3C uses for their HTML5 validator tool.

Our service takes a holistic view of validation. It isn’t worthwhile to validate a single page. Even if it is a master template, it will eventually be filled with content that has errors. This service will show you where the errors are in an entire website and where possible, show you how to fix them.

How HTML Validator Pro Works

This tool allows you to enter the starting url of any website, which we crawl and validate.  The validation results in a detailed error report, while the crawling results in links to pages further into the website. Those links are followed and the documents that are discovered are continually fed back into the validator. This way, the entire website is validated.

Get Started Now

You do not need to give us one thing to start using this validator. It is completely free up to 50 pages and translations are included via the Google Translate service. If you find this service useful as-is, then we hope you will take advantage of the paid features:

  • Downloadable Reports
  • Create Projects
  • Priority Processing
  • Higher Service Limits

If you have any questions or suggestions about the service, please drop us a line.