About The Validator

What It Is

HTML Validator Pro is a web application used to error check the pages of a website.  The application works by accepting a “Starting URL”, that is a url at which the user would like the validation to begin. If the starting url is not the root of the website, then only the specified branch of the site will be checked. Our program crawls from the Starting URL, downloading each page and passing it to the validator. The validator is a standalone version of the one available at validator.nu, and developed by the obviously talented Henri Sivonen and company, analyzes the document and returns the results to the app, where you can see them on-screen. Additionally, some users can download HTML and PDF versions of the results.

What It Isn’t

An XML validator
A DTD validator
An SGML validator
An XHTML Validator

About Us

HTML Validator Pro is an extension of an in-house project put together by Toms River Web Design. Born out of a need to validate websites more efficiently and have something to show for it. Enjoy!